knostix awaken

Is a two-part personal, professional and team development experience that believes behind every successful company is a healthy organization, where employees are motivated and contributing. Thus we exist to provide organizations with elucidations to their concerns and inner positive change by evoking the good and promoting via an evolvement. We believe that at the very core of the organizational health is a positively motivated individual who is committed to be successful in his/her professional and personal life.

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EVOKE  - Discover the good that has always been in you. Promote a culture of positivity and project it to your fellow team members.

  • Establishing inner focus                    

  • Inner credibility

  • Interpersonal awareness

  • Motivational support

  • Team awareness

  • Foster Teamwork

  • Decisiveness

  • Thoroughness

  • Analytical Thinking

EVOlVE - Receive the good from others and blend it with yours. Be a helping hand to each other and reach new heights of fulfillment.

  • Positive influence

  • Personal credibility

  • Flexibility and Adaptation

  • Empathy to others

  • Develop and Empower others

  • Foster innovations

  • Build collaborative relationships 

  • Leadership through example

  • Persuasive communication

  • Collaborative negotiation